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The Eco Council is made up of children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. These children were nominated  by their class Teacher at the start of the Autumn term, as children that could led by example and  were good at reminding others about recycling. From each class we have 2 councillors who attend meetings and talk on behalf of their class. The  Eco Councillors are responsible for the recycling or fruit and vegetable waste and paper in there classes as well as regular emptying of the collection bins.  They gather ideas from their peers and share them during meetings. The Eco Council meet with Mrs Walton  regularly to discuss ideas, recycling problems and possible events.


2016-17 1 Anna-Maria Nanziri
2016-17 2 Salomon Abba
2016-17 3 Toluwalade Owolabi
2016-17 4 David Frances Simon
2016-17 5 Alanna Henry
2016-17 6 Alfie Barham
2016-17 7 Erin Connole
2016-17 8 Nikki Konstantinova
2016-17 9 Megan Hart
2016-17 10 Nedas Chomicius
2016-17 11 Sofii Wieckowska
2016-17 12 Carolyn Heibron





Reception 1
Reception 2
Reception 3
Reception 4

Year one

Year one 1
Year one 2
Year one 3
Year one 4

Year two

Year two 1
Year two 2
Year two 3
Year two 4

Some of the year two children were able to accompany the year two councillors on the Harold hill Youth summit on 9.02.2016



Picture 1 Evie Hale
Picture 2 Danny Dore
Picture 3 Gabby Etim
Picture 4 Jazmin Panesar
Year One
Picture 1 Macey Cox
Picture 2 Clinton Olawuyi
Picture 3 JJ Middleton
Picture 4 Daisy Newell
Year Two
Picture 1 Anjola Orisatoki
Picture 2 Chanelle scanlon
Picture 3 Precious Etim
Picture 4 Emma Lynch
Eco council trip to Educational recycling centre