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Nursery Information

Nursery Session Times
Morning 8.30am - 11.30am
Afternoon 12.00pm - 3.00pm

Full Time 9.00am - 3.00pm
Please ensure you arrive on time with your child at the start of the day and collect them promptly after their session to avoid children becoming distressed.  At the start of each session parents are asked to help their child to put away their things, find their name and then bring their child into the Nursery and settle them at an activity before leaving.   Children will only be released to parents or designated carers.  If someone other than yourself is collecting your child please tell a member of staff.  If you are delayed for any reason collecting your child please telephone the school to inform us. 

Autumn & Winter:
Boys & Girls:

Red St. Ursula's Nursery sweatshirt
White St. Ursula's polo shirt
Black jogging bottoms
Shoes or trainers with velcro fastenings

Boys & Girls:
Red St. Ursula's Nursery sweatshirt
White St. Ursula's polo shirt
Red pull up shorts
Shoes or trainers with velcro fastenings
A warm jacket which is easy for your child to fasten is essential for outdoor play. 
Shoes should be of a sensible and safe design with velcro fastenings.  Sandals and fashion boots are not acceptable.
Children will need a spare set of clothes in a bag for emergencies.
Children will need a pair of wellingtons to keep at Nursery. 
Jewellery must not be worn to school.
Long hair must be tied back.
Please ensure all clothing is named

Finding out about your child's progress
Come & Play session
After the first few weeks of your child being at Nursery you will be invited to come in and play with them to allow us to show you the kind of activities that are avaiable on a daily basis.  This session will also give you time to speak to Nursery staff about the progress your child has made. 

Parents evening
There will a formal parents evening in February for you to come and discuss the progress your child is making with the Nursery teachers.   

Come & Play session
There will be another opportunity to come in and play with your child during the Summer term and see the difference in the learning opportunites offered as the children move on in their learning. 

The Nursery provides a drink and a small snack for the children everyday.  Please let us know if your child has any food allergies.  A weekly contribution of 50p is requested to cover the cost of these snacks.  This contribution will also help towards the cost of ingredients used when your child carries out cooking activities. 

Medicines are the responsibility of parents.  However, the school recognises that there can be a need to administer medicines to children who require long-term medication.